Food For Nought
Unfortunately, food makes for poor television, though obviously it's been tried. Granted, the Discovery Channel's Great Chefs series is not without a certain sensual, yet minimalist charm. But television's demand for motion from its subjects remains a problem - Vincent Foster notwithstanding, few people like watching a cold fish.
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He'll take her camping (an all-night party!) and she'll take him to Burning Man (a camping trip on a massive scale!). Separately, these two are pretty dull, but together, they're a devil-may-care pair searching for a steady flow of adventure. A rave in LA? Why not? Bungee jumping in Utah? Hell yeah, dude! The fun won't end until someone's rope snaps (or someone's mind snaps). Until then, it's all good!


He enjoys tales of depravity, and her life is like an episode of Dynasty, minus the looks, the money, and the snappy dialogue. She likes how he believes all her stories about how she's always right while everyone else in her life is wrong, dead wrong. He likes how she only talks during the commercial breaks. But is he just another tragic mini-series in her season line-up? The suspense is building. How long will she stick around? Just long enough to make sure there's not a dry eye in the audience when she finally does R-U-N-N-O-F-T.

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