Food For Nought
Unfortunately, food makes for poor television, though obviously it's been tried. Granted, the Discovery Channel's Great Chefs series is not without a certain sensual, yet minimalist charm. But television's demand for motion from its subjects remains a problem - Vincent Foster notwithstanding, few people like watching a cold fish.
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He's attractive enough that people will never call her paranoid again. She's simple-minded enough that he can understand what she's saying. Being with him makes her feel like a secret service agent, scouting for malevolent signs from the crowd of sluts that hovers ever-present, waiting for her to turn her back for just a second so they can strike! Being with her makes him feel like a really important person, like the president of England or something!


We're not saying these two should be together, but they will be, one way or another. Who else would put up with either of them? They'll spend their days cheerfully highlighting passages in self-help books and analyzing the living daylights out of each other — but even with all this slicing and dicing, they'll be just as ambivalent and resentful as the rest of us. At least they're entertaining.

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