Polly, you are a savior.

You have saved my co-workers, boyfriend, and roommate from certain death. Yesterday, I was about to blow all of their brains out, partly due to lack of caffeine and donut intake, but mostly because my roommate won't shut the fuck up about her upcoming wedding. Every conversation I have had with her since the day the dickhead proposed six months ago is about "the Wedding."

As you could probably guess I am a bridesmaid, but even if I wasn't, it's just fucking annoying. I was ready to rip her off her high horse and shove her diamond solitare ring up her bubbly blond ass, but the release of tension that today's Filler supplied me by being able to secretly snicker at her impending doom (SUCKERS!!!) and stop feeling like such a loser kept them all alive.

You should get a raise.

Bitter But No Longer Frustrated <bitternfrustrated@yahoo.com>


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