Sure you're tired of the whole topic. OK, so the jokes were stale hours after they were told. Yes, yes, of course the whole event is fading into a tiny dot out on the horizon, faintly calling back, "Why did we ever care?" But let's not forget that the 2000 Presidential election, like Gary Coleman's War On Scooters, has taught some valuable lessons to all Americans: that our government is run by degenerate slobs, that your vote really doesn't count, that there really is a good reason everybody hates Florida. So why not take a last, fond gander at Suck's year of dyslection coverage?

With so many screeds and features to choose from, we can only suggest that you read them all. But if you're in a hurry, you could always sample one of Peter Bagge's electoral offenses, from his unrequited romance with Alan Keyes to his assault on the Democratic convention. Making good on Fidel Castro's promise to help oversee a Florida recount, Club Havana looks into some of the Florida ballot designs that couldn't. The Sucksters track the storm of public outrage that failed to explode in America's streets. And in a very special Filler, Polly Esther details post-voting hangover with such eerie accuracy that we're beginning to suspect she's actually a Palm Beach retiree. Read one, read all, and get a first-hand look at how we in the media keep the American electorate uninformed.
Best wishes, The Sucksters


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