Dear Sucksters:

Are you now using Internet e-mail spam to supply Filler?? Surely Suck can do better than pithy jokelets about age causing one to become lazy, unemotional, and concerned more with creature comforts than meaningful human contact (whatever that is). Perhaps next week you can amaze us with a chart describing the differences between men and women, doctors and lawyers, or (stifling fake laughter in mockery) the Polish and Jews; all these being even more tired whores of the jokelet bordello of humor. Not only are these not-so-fresh, but they are also not-so-intelligent basic reinforcements of stereotypes. Last time I checked humor was a response to asbsurdity, not boredom, disappointment, and vague nasea.

To be helpful on top of being critical, here are some suggestions. Pick less cliche groups to compare... Internet savy vs. unsavy; Suck readers vs. non-Suck readers, Gen-X-ers vs. the youngsters that now comprise the as yet unnamed following generation (Gen-Y??)... these are all pretty lame, but I thought them up just now... just think what professional Sucksters should be able to do. (And that does not mean fancifying e-mail spam with suck-esque html and calling it Filler).

Wishing you well,

Aaron Patridge

Dear Aaron,

Wow! Thanks for the great ideas! God, I don't know what I'd do without readers like you, helping me out with your suggestions! I'm gonna start on that chart right now!



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