"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 22 November 2000. Updated every WEEKDAY.

Filler 11.22.00



This will not be my first truth of the week, for I have been a truth-teller for a long time now. I haven't the organization to tell lies. I trip myself up.

Truth: I think you are ready for the next step. I have watched you struggle over recent months with what appears to be contentedness and complacency. Filler is losing its bitterness and angst and beginning to show signs of wisdom. Do not fret. This is a good thing. It's time for you to move on to something new. I know. I am an even smaller-bean internet celebrity, a reviewer on pitchforkmedia.com.

I did very well with bitterness, drug references, sexual innuendo and angst for my first 300 music reviews, but it began to run out as I have come to respect myself, life, and others. You should take a break. Give up Filler for a while and do something else. Your legacy is secure. Take the next step.

Thanks for the many laffs over the years

(no, really, that's my name)

Next...Complacency's just another word for no one left to bruise.