Q: Do you think Americans should work less?

Less, more, always reductionist! Yet each simplification further obscures the truth. Like those charts in the USA Today — overly simple, yet impossible to understand. I sound full of disdain but I have great sympathy for your people, so wrapped up in the self, yet so lacking in insight about the self. Tragic. Sisyphus, without the musculature. Unable even to move the boulder an inch, and a large egg breakfast with meats demanding all the energies of the body to tackle. And ketchup on everything!

Q: Breakfast is important?...Is that what you mean?

Everything is important. Me? A croissant and espresso, and a nimble mind until 10 am, when I stop to eat a seven course meal with my extended family, and then nap for several hours in the heat of the afternoon. Next, a stroll through the grounds. Finally, a light dinner, perhaps a glass of nectar. I'm rereading Chekhov, a must at my age. You Americans, you rise at 7 and go to eat bad, oily food alone, read strangely juvenile news and drink terrible insult of American coffee, and eat Grand Slam or — how do you call it? — Sunrise Nachos. I saw these on American television, the Sunrise Nachos. De Denny. Horrible!

Q: What's your best advice for a young writer starting out?

Oh, advice! Always advice. As if I can say to you how to live — absurd! But to the American writer, I say: don't start. There is nothing good for you to write. You grow up watching the American television, your head is sloppy like Sunrise Nachos.

Q: Thank you so much for talking to us, Marcel, it's a great honor to...

Such flattery! Like Lucy Arnaz. Friendly, but never the truth! Sneaky, bad people, you Americans.


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