I naturally felt much more comfortable in the company of the "Rebel" (or "Real," as they prefer to be called) Reform Party people, who were far more open-minded and articulate — and they DIDN'T dress up in garish red, white and blue Uncle Sam-type get-ups to "prove" that they love our country the absolute most-est of all. I also still think they have a solid case regarding the whole voter fraud debacle.

I also was initially confused as to why the mainstream press kept painting their candidate, John Hagelin, as a "Maharishi-following kook," since none of the press material or platform statements the Hagelinites handed me mentioned TM anywhere (although further research into the Natural Law Party later revealed that the mainstream press's characterization of him was quite accurate).

Yet while the long-time Reform Party members in the rebel camp were obsessed with winning their party back, the Natural Law folks who followed the earily mild-mannered Hagelin into the Reform Party seemed every bit as cultish in their devotion to their Man as the Buchananites are. He's like the white-robed "great leader" of some fictional Utopian Society in an episode from the Twilight Zone, the kind who says things like: "But, why would you want to leave us? We have everything you need right here!"

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