Pondering the Wolfman's advice on the predominance of mass media, Case vows to become a rock promoter. Youth had stymied his dreams, he tells the alumni newsletter. "I really didn't have the capital or credibility to do it. So when I went to college, I started pursuing that more seriously."

Case appears in what Rolling Stone describes as "forgotten local garage bands," variously reported as The Van and The The. The Washington Post will later note that Case stands out on the campus entertainment committee, trying to book the Cars and Bruce Springsteen. The book AOL.com adds that Case became DJ and music director for the campus radio station. And perhaps predictibly, Newsweek reports Case does badly in his computer science classes.

Unfortunately, college can be tough on youthful dreams of rock and roll glory. Case tells his high school newsletter that "I had a mediocre voice, but tried to hide that with showmanship."

Five years later, he'll head a mediocre online service which he will try to hide with showmanship.

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