Our story begins in Hawaii, that hotbed of popular culture. Young Steve Case begins his march to destiny writing concert reviews at an exclusive private school. He reveals his uncanny media savvy describing a Guess Who / Aerosmith concert for the school newspaper, according to the Punaho High alumni newsletter. "By the time the event was over, a sell-out crowd had witnessed one of the most remarkable rock occurrences of the year.... [Aerosmith] completely overwhelmed the audience and made the Guess Who look, by comparison, like a high school dance band."

As Steven Tyler sings of the backstage boogie setting your pants on fire, is Case's life changed forever? We can only speculate, but judging from the title of an article on Case that appeared years later in the Punahou alumni newsletter — "Case Loads of Success" — the seeds of future greatness may already have been planted. Especially with the sage advice young Case must have received during his next assignment, interviewing famed D.J. Wolfman Jack.

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