Don't want to work all your life at your career just for minimal recognition by a select few? Tired of contemplating a future devoid of historical significance or adoration by the masses? Why not try one of our simple, easy shortcuts to fame, guarranteed to bring you all of the negative side-effects of being in the public eye, with very few of the benefits!



  • Vacation package included!
  • Recognition on street very very high!
  • Your secrets fascinate millions!


  • Might lose mind or kill self or costars
  • People on street will ask why you cheated on your girlfriend, you fucking asshole!

Possible Barriers to Entry:

Discerning TV producers might not find you exceptionally photogenic yet deeply irritating


  • Tell-all book that lays out ugly, embarrassing details from lives of cast members (example: Joe from Miami Real World told us in his book that Dan spent hours making various modeling boy-toy faces in mirror)
  • Talk show circuit

Predominant Lingering Feelings About Experience:

Shame and self-loathing mixed with persistant feeling that your high profile makes you better than other people at some level

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