Is it time for a new attitude, or is it time for a Goo-Goo Cluster? Take this quiz and find out!

1. Some mornings, I lie in bed and I can't think of one good reason to get up. This is because:

It's not Wednesday.
My life has lost all meaning.
I quit therapy.
I haven't had coffee yet.

2. Some days I get to work, and I can't believe how tedious and pointless my job seems. This is because:

My job is pointless and tedious.
Like most people my age, I lack a strong work ethic.
The coffee I'm drinking isn't strong enough.

3. Some days I get home from work, my wife starts talking to me and I feel really annoyed and bored. This is because:

My wife is really annoying and boring.
Like most people my age, I lack commitment and patience in dealing with relationships.
I need a beer. Bad.

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