When the usual racist jokes become tiresome, why not rip on European white people? The card game International Insult isn't the dozens, but it's a pretty good ritualized framework for insult delivery. Tear into Germany, Italy, Russia, England, and America. Special "rude waiter" cards give the game continental élan. Although our tester played as France in order to handicap himself, he still ended up winning.

The production values are a bit low, and the makers of the game may well be supporters of Lyndon Larouche, but International Insult has the most intricate and enjoyable play of all the games we surveyed. When you insult a country that is represented by another player, that individual can declare war by returning the insult. A fusillade of dice rolls ensues, and other players can join in by forming alliances. If you can't think of a slam as you place a card, there are four suggested topics of insult nicely printed on the card. Still, gags about the "Russian climate" offer the kind of possibilities ("radioactive," maybe?) that sound to modern ears about as topical as John DeLorean jokes.

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