Mad Gab is the most mainstream game our tester played. Available at Toys 'R' Us, and featuring a cool plastic timer, the game challenges players to guess what common phrases sound similar to strange utterances like "Ladle Rat Rotten Hut."

Two-player Mad Gab, is fun, but with a slightly discombobulated group it's even better just to flip through the cards and have the whole crowd uttering, muttering, and guessing what the phrases are.

Although the game claims to be for "Ages 10 to Adult," it my not be suitable for minors. It's not that we have anything against homophones, but some of the ones in Mad Gab, such as "Mountie Doo," "Maintain Due," or "Mount, and Do," can become a bit racy. Sure, "Ease Owner Whole" sounds like "he's on a roll." And you might be able to hear "week or two later" in "Weaker Tool Hater." But if "Eight He Muff Forces" is supposed to be "a team of horses," she'll probably be coming 'round the mountain ... along with the other seven.

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