We began our investigation of indy, analogue gaming by enlisting the help of a student epidemiologist. Although she was feeling a bit under the weather when we met up, her expertise gave an extra zip to an educational board game called Infection. The idea of this game is to putter along the board trying to rid oneself of diseases, a nice counterpoint to the usual social evening.

There is little strategy involved in Infection — you can't make hygiene decisions, for instance, or choose paths with different epidemiological properties. But, it's enjoyable to watch fellow players eagerly snatch up disease cards, occasionally exclaiming "wow!" upon selecting a particularly rare and interesting affliction. Knowledge comes into play at rare times, when a player is quizzed and must either identify or get the disease. Our epidemiologist's most memorable comment: "Cholera ... 'Enormous watery stools.' No! It causes massive amounts of watery stools, but the stools themselves are not enormous. They have some errors in here, see ..."

This show of learning did not keep Suck's game tester from triumphing with ease.

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