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Dear Polly,

I'm sad to report that in the last 4 years, not much has changed in my life. After graduating from the K-Mart of colleges in southern Illinois, I haven't strayed far from the corporate communications hell I chose to "get a start."

Oh well, I did have a baby but I already had one so that's not earth-shaking. Well, it was at the time, but I'm used to it now.

However, I am Suck-inspired to shake off these golden handcuffs and seek a job which puts my various academic degrees to work. I'm suddenly tired of writing these student loan checks and not feeling the pride of accomplishment I thought I would.

Thank you, Suck, for opening my eyes to the path.

BTW, have you ever considered starting a cult? You know, even Christianity was considered a cult back in the day. A charismatic leader, a motley crue (oops) crew of followers and a fevor to convert the masses to their way of thinking - isn't that all you really need?

Lori Deffenderfer

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