Lest you think we can dish it out but we can't take it, let's take a look at the ugly underbelly of creation: ruthless attacks from strangers. In the spirit of embracing criticism as a means of creating better, um, stuff, here are some snippets from insults of Filler over the past year - sometimes stinging, sometimes thrillingly juvenile, but always very insightful and constructive.

"Oh good.You no longer write about being a whiny bitch. Instead you write about being a whiny bitch and tell us not to worry -- that Filler will still be just as crappy and cathartic as an Alanis Morissette song. Gee, this pair of testicles is just GURGLING with pleasure." - Michael Zacks

"I am getting so sick of your complaining! You preach the gospel of questioning authority and going against the grain but you are coming off like all the other privileged down-trodden whiners." - A persistent sucker.

"Huh? Oh... I get it. A SMALL PENIS joke. Guffaw." - xrayspex

"STOP quoting pomo lit crit...its shameless, boring, and superficial. Better off quoting Pee-Wee Herman. More street cred. disgusted." - Andy LaValle

"The whole gender role thing is great... for a while. Then you just come off as a non-ethnic Margaret Cho." - Colin Crank

"Leonard Cohen? LEONARD COHEN?! That's even worse than quoting dead French poets." - Alan Kornheiser

"Please stop mentioning Marmaduke so often." - Ian Christe

"We here in the 'Great White North' take offense to your portrayal of crack smoking rabbits. Our rabbits are of the law abiding kind." - Spiro Papuckoski

"How old are you? You're pretty damn amazingly bitter for that age." -

"Nice attitude!" - Jeffrey C. Palmer

"Bitterness is so '93." - Colin Crank

"I think you might be suffering from some kind of glandular problem. My grandma had problems with her glands, and it made her into a real sour-puss too. You can get help. Talk to your doctor." - Abe Hyatt

"This whole site is probably run by some schizo in a padded room who was given a computer so he would stop threatening other institution-mates with imaginary Canadian crack rabbits." - Matthew Edwards

"Cut the hormonal chick crap, ok?" - Richard Sweetman

"You write like a girl." - Gregory Waddell

"You remind me of one of those screechy girls who take acid and cut themselves up." - Demmy Rooster

"Today you write with the wit of a dead pony. Quick picking your nose and put fresh batteries in your vibrator. Trolling is one thing... altogether different bottom-feeding." - Revolution Leper Fuck

"Your bitterness, I think, has gone beyond the point where it's humorous for the rest of us." - Pete Hopkins

"Are you writing Jeanine Garoafalo's material or is she writing yours? Talk about irrelevant." - Colin Crank

"Hey Polly, In my internet search for sugar addiction I came across SUCK. Do ya'll have any more info?" - Carolyn Sams

"After reading your bitter little cartoons for almost half a year, I must say that you live what seems to be a consistently unsatisfying existence." - Stephen Ingram

"Wow. That sucked." - Michael Landry

"Fuck right off." - Gary Dryden

"I have no idea who Steve is and christ who fucking cares." - cursorx

"dude, easy on the bladers. I guess in your world everyone is a suck-reading, self-concious, do-little, complain-much, lard-ass-hipster. Yeah nice world you inhabit If you live in SF, please move back to Deadfish, Iowa or wherever." - James Fraz

"This is, without a doubt, the most depressing, hopeless, pessimistic, pain-inspiring, socially-engineered, disgustingly liberalized web site I've ever seen." - The War Priest

"I feel I was touched in a place where I did not want to be touched." - Randy Vickers

"Q. Why do I keep reading the stupid fillers. A. Because I am an unimaginative dolt. And this is a column written by, and for unimaginative dolts like myself. If this column, along with 'Three's Company', 'Friends', and 'Cheers' did not exist, than dolts like me would have mothing to do with ourselves (well almost nothing) and dolts like you would be unemployed." - Michael Zacks

"You must be horribly ugly, unlike myself." - gutter snipe

"Damn you, you've forced me to reconfigure my rationalization schemata. I had all these carefully chosen belief systems and you've *sniff* you've just eroded them all to the point at which even I can no longer suspend my disbelief!" - Michel Chider

"Well, I am very glad you found something to do with your analytical skills and ability to 'compartmentalize' the information the end of the millennia is handing you. At least you are employed and published." - James Harford

"What the fuck are you talking about?" - Colin Crank

"I'm going down to the fucking garden to eat some fucking worms. Don't try to stop me." - Jason Elder

"Do you accept unsolicited submissions?" - Thor Clark

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