While my editor tried to nail down a time and place where I might meet up with Keyes, I did my best to study up on the man, preparing myself for a one-on-one meeting, feeling way out of my league the whole time. If he ever gets into the White House, Keyes will be the first President since Woodrow Wilson to hold a Ph.D. — and not one of those bogus "honorary" degrees Presidents like to collect. His 1996 campaign book Our Character, Our Future neglects most of the "humanizing" personal details (favorite book, movie, TV show, etc) you usually hear about from candidates, and instead sticks exclusively to spelling out his positions. I was struck by how clear and persuasive Keyes is when it comes to defending all of those positions. Yet rather than confront him on any of them the mainstream media lazily write him off as some kind of a nut — when they bother to mention him at all, that is.

The most air time he ever received was when he dived into a mosh pit at some "youth rally" staged on his behalf. This somehow suggested that he was a hypocrite (Thou shalt not MOSH?), as well as a lunatic. And his routine no-chance-in-hell candidacies for the Senate and the White House seem to signify Delusions of Grandeur in most people's eyes; like he's one step away from parading around the nuthouse grounds with a Napoleon outfit on.

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