Time to put things into perspective. Why not have a little talk with yourself to calm yourself down? In talking calmly to yourself, perhaps you can walk through what's triggering your feelings, possibly uncovering the deeper reasons for your pain along the way!

Q: How do you feel?

A: I feel like punching this pesky motherfucker right in the face.

Q: What would that accomplish?

A: Well, it might break his nose or shatter his face plate or both.

Q: And what would that accomplish?

A: He'd end up in the hospital for a few days, and it would probably drain his bank account. Then he'd have to take out a loan with really high interest rates, and eventually he'd go bankrupt, at which point he'd probably turn to the bottle for solace.

Q: And what would that accomplish?

A: Well, he'd develop a drinking problem, which would probably ruin his life.

Q: And what would that accomplish?

A: It would be great to see his life reduced to drunken brawls and petty crime.

Q: And you'd be proud of yourself for putting him through that?

A: Oh, without a doubt. I'd be proud, and I'd be pretty psyched.

Q: And so, if you hit him, instead of being annoyed like you are right now, you'd be psyched?

A: Yeah, I'd be really psyched.

Q: So maybe you should hit him, huh?

A: Well, that's what I was thinking all along.

Q: So, are you gonna hit him? Are you?

A: Mind your own business.

Q: Ooo, there's gonna be a fight! Hey everybody, there's gonna be a fight over here! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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