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Chaim Ben Pesach, aka Victor

Vancier, is the spokesman for

the New York–based Jewish

Task Force. In addition to

writing the luxuriantly vivid

weekly posts on the JTF's Web

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public access television show.

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It's Black History Month. You've been running two series on your site: one disputing Henry Louis Gates' Wonders of the African World TV show and another linking "black morality" with AIDS. Any thoughts for February?

This is just another example of the new religion in America, which is worshipping blacks. This is the new religion in this country. January is dedicated to Martin Luther King's birthday. February is Black History Month. April we spend the whole month mourning his assassination. August we spend the whole month reflecting on his "I have a dream" speech in 1963. This is unbelievable. What in the world is so great about Martin Luther King? It's just a question that I have. Did he really accomplish anything so spectacular? I mean, look at the results of what he accomplished; look at what's happened to this country. Wasn't this a better country before we had all these horrible laws that turned our cities into urban jungles, before we had the skyrocketing crime, the decline in morality, the massive drug use? All these things happened after these terrible laws were passed as a result of what he did. I think he had a terrible influence on this country. I believe he was a racist; I believe he was an anti-semite. And the fact that he gets a holiday to himself, while all the presidents of the United States put together get one day called Presidents' Day, is so obscene there are no words for it. Not only that: Presidents' Day is only a day for sales. That's the purpose of Presidents' Day. They'd never dare have sales on Martin Luther King Day; it's so holy, so sacred, we could never have sales. We have to remember the words of Dr. King. It is absolutely obscene. I do not understand why white America feels the need to stick their noses up black behind all the time. I don't understand this. What are they so intimidated by? What are blacks going to do if whites finally stand up and have some backbone and say, "We've had enough of this."? What are they going to do? Are they going to defeat the whites in a war? That certainly didn't happen in colonial times. It certainly didn't happen in South Africa, where 4 million whites held out against hundreds of millions of blacks on the black continent. I mean, this is ridiculous: What are white people so afraid of? Whites have convinced themselves that there's something to be intimidated about. This is what we desperately want to put an end to. Enough is enough. This is a great country. White people have a lot to be proud of. There is nothing for white people to be ashamed of. We have to stop these guilt trips and stop this apologizing that has been put upon us. Because white people have done nothing wrong and, in fact, have bent over backwards to be nice to people who are destroying the whole country. It's about time that this ended, and that's what we would like to do here.

When you say "we" are you referring to the JTF?

We're referring to followers of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane. The JTF is proud to be the sole US representative of the Kahanist Jews.

What are the Kahanists currently working on?

We have a campaign to prevent the Israeli dictator Ehud Barak — and he is a dictator; Israel is not a democracy, Israel is a country where you go to prison for dissenting from government policy — to prevent the dictator Barak from giving away basically the whole country. He wants to give away the Golan Heights to Syria, he wants to give away Judea and Samaria to the PLO terrorists. That would leave Israel with boundaries that are only 6 miles wide. That would be absolutely suicidal. And we're doing everything we can to prevent it. We have thousands of people who have formed dozens of new communities in Judea and Samaria that Barak calls illegal in order to create human obstacles on the ground. Acting as human obstacles to prevent that surrender; and it's a very difficult situation for Barak because he has to send in the army and police to evict these people, and many Israelis don't have the stomach for that. It's a very complex campaign, but it is a campaign for the very survival of Israel, and even our worst enemies on the left agree that we're the group they're worried about. We're the group that can cause the ruination of his plans to conclude agreements that will vivisect Israel and destroy any hopes for Israel's survival.

The Kahanists have been working on youth: We've gone to high schools, we've gone to junior high schools, we've gone to religious schools, we've gone to public schools — and we've been working relentlessly on the youth in Israel. And the youth in Israel feel a spiritual void. They feel a void because their leaders have lied to them, because their people are being killed all the time with terrorist attacks, because they see that they're under seige from Arab Muslims who promise to exterminate not only all Jews but all non-Muslims. And the youth of Israel who have not yet been brainwashed, who have not yet been what we call "kikified" — they haven't been turned into good little kikes who will go into the ovens and the gas chambers — the youth are responding very strongly to this message. We had a demonstration in Tel Aviv last month, and we had half a million people show up for that demonstration. Even the police said it was 250,000, and the police in Tel Aviv are very left wing and always underestimate our crowd size. So there's no question that there is something happening. And if there is any holdup in the negotiations — and the negotiations have been completed; they have an agreement in principle to give them the Golan Heights — he's holding back because he knows the people do not support him right now. And even the media have been saying that the Kahanists have been creating this problem among our youth.

You've been pretty tough on all the presidential candidates: The site refers to "Jorge Bush" and "Al Whore," and you call Bill Bradley "another monstrous traitor." Do you see any viable candidate right now?

Well the word "viable" creates the problem there. I like Alan Keyes — when I say "I" I mean "we," because I don't make the decisions for the group. We like Alan Keyes, but unfortunately he can't win. We think there's a need for a right-wing third party in this country that will finally create a basis for resistance to policies that we think are destroying this country. America is on its way to becoming a third-world majority country. Everybody knows that; all the statisticians agree. The only dispute is about when. We see that as very alarming. Everybody else seems to welcome it as something wonderful. We think it's horrible and alarming, and we think it's the end of this country if that happens. We desperately want to put together a right-wing movement in this country that will respond to that and save America. America was built by white Anglos who made this a great country. And I know it creates terrible hysterical condemnation when somebody speaks like this, but it is my belief that if the white Anglo majority becomes a minority that will be the end of America, and that will be a terrible tragedy for everyone.

At least some white Anglos in the United States have a long history of anti-semitism.

That might be true, but the Kahanist movement believes that America is what God intended for the righteous gentiles. We're a religious movement, and we believe God intended Israel to be a Jewish nation, and for Jews to return there, restore the land of the Bible, rebuild the holy temple, and do all the things that the Bible says have to be done. And all the lands outside of Israel are supposed to be run by the righteous gentiles. The righteous gentiles are supposed to be running things in America. Unfortunately the gentiles running things in this country are anything but righteous. But we believe America is the symbol of what God intends for the righteous gentiles. We don't want power in this country; as Jews, our dream is for Israel. But our goal is to help righteous gentiles. Patriotic Americans, Bible-believing Americans, Americans who understand what is necessary to preserve this country — they should be the ones to take power. And we believe a movement should be built geared toward doing that. Even if that movement can't win in this election, we have to start setting the foundation.

Most of your strongest comments — about "self-hating super-kike Steven Spielberg," former mayor Ed Koch's "ugly, bald Jewish head," and so on — have been reserved for other Jews. Can you give some examples of Jews you would consider righteous?

The righteous Jews are the brave Kahanist Jewish pioneers who are in Judea and Samaria now and are fighting to save the land of Israel from the clutches of self-hating Jewish traitors who want to hand the little homeland the Jews have over to our enemies. The Arabs have over 600 times the land that little Israel has, and little Israel is literally self-destructing because of its traitorous leaders. And the Kahanist Jews are the only hope for preventing that. They're the righteous Jews. To me, they're the example of a light unto the nations.

How about righteous gentiles?

It's very hard to find many in politics, because politicians are usually not righteous people. I think Jesse Helms is a righteous person. He saved my life when I was in prison. I spent five years in prison for my efforts on behalf of Soviet Jewry when I was the national chairman of the Jewish Defense League. I only eat kosher food, so I was starving because many times they wouldn't give it to me even though the law says they're supposed to. And all the Jewish senators and congressmen refused to help, of course. Jesse Helms intervened on my behalf. I mean, I was literally starving to death. I was down to 98 pounds; I had to be taken to outside hospitals several times because I was very sick. I almost died. Jesse Helms not only made calls on my behalf, he threatened to hold up the whole prison's budget unless this matter was resolved. They told him, "But he's getting kosher food. This so-called reformed rabbi says it's kosher." Jesse Helms said, "There's no way he's getting kosher food. I know what the Bible says. Either you feed this man, or I'm going to hold hearings, and if I have to hold up the whole budget I'll hold up the whole budget." And after that they started to feed me. And this was a man I could have done nothing for. I was in prison. I didn't come from his home state. I didn't have money to give to his campaign. And all the Jews loathe this man. To me he's an example of a righteous person.

We want to create a parallel movement among righteous white gentile youth in this country. Just as thousands of Kahanist Jews invaded new outposts and hilltops in Judea and Samaria, and put tents and trailers and communities there against the will of the police and the army, we want to see young white gentiles invade the offices of the NAACP in this country, invade the offices of the media in this country. We want to inspire them to invade the ACLU offices. We want to create an idealistic movement among the youth in this country like the Kahanist movement in Israel.

Do you agree with the belief that Jews control the media in America?

I don't think Jews control the media, but they do play a disproportionately large role in the media. General Electric, which owns NBC, is not Jewish. CBS is not owned by Jews. CNN is Ted Turner. But there's no question that Jews play an enormous role in the media.

So why do you think coverage of the news is skewed away from what you consider the truth?

The Jews and the gentiles in the media are all evil people. I think there's a skewed role because the multinational corporations that control the media have a stake in trying to break down the moral values of this great country. They don't want an America with competition. They don't want an America with entrepreneurs and competitors who are going to fight them on the stock market and people who are going to invent great new things. One thing multinational, multibillion-dollar corporations hate is competition. And they know that in a free and moral and great America they would face competition. So they want this to be a Third World banana republic. Because in Third World banana republics like Mexico and Egypt and Syria, there is no competition. And that's their dream. They want monopoly control over everything. And they control the media. I believe that's a campaign that they are conducting.

Is there ever a time when old enemies should just bury the hatchet and try to get along?

It depends what you mean by old enemies. If it's somebody who blows up schoolchildren and murders little babies, who commits holocausts against people and has a religion that says they're going to wipe out every single person who doesn't adhere to their religion, then no. If we have a disagreement over taxes that's one thing. If we have a disagreement over a baseball team that's one thing. If we have a disagreement because you want to kill little babies and exterminate my people, and you believe in a cruel, monstrous religion that has been doing this, that's already a whole different situation. You know, the Muslims and the Arabs never think like this. Muslims and Arabs never think, "Well, isn't it time we buried the hatchet and forgot about all these things?" This is Western thinking. Because Jews and Christians are basically kind, compassionate, decent people, and they have consciences. They don't want to fight and kill and go to war. They don't want to; it doesn't come naturally to them. But they have a hard time understanding there are cultures that are totally different, that don't think like that at all, and that exploit that type of humane thinking and view any good gesture as an act of weakness. It's very hard for Americans to understand that, but there are people like that in this world. And those people not only surround Israel but are becoming a majority in the United States.

What are your thoughts on the John Rocker controversy?

I think it's an outrage. I think the double standard is obscene. Look at what the blacks say about white people all the time. And it's never any big deal. Jesse Jackson said he used to spit in white people's food. He called Jews hymies and New York Hymietown. He has to this day a sacred covenant with Louis Farrakhan, who says Hitler was a great man and that all Jews and all whites are devils. And yet Jesse Jackson is treated like royalty by the news media. Why is everybody picking on John Rocker? I mean, what did he really say? All right, even if you disagree with what he said — and I don't, by the way, because I ride that No. 7 train, and I believe every word of what he said is true, every word. I agree with him 100 percent. I ride that No. 7 train all the time, and I can completely understand why a young American like him would be alarmed by what he sees happening to this once-great country. And I'm happy that there are at least some people who still have eyes to see. But this is an outrage, what is happening to him. If he were black, would he be in trouble now, if he had made similar statements against whites? I don't think so.

You haven't commented on Chechnya. Whom do you support in that conflict?

Neither one, I hope they both kill each other. Obviously, I can't stand the Muslim terrorists. They are horrible people. And I don't believe the Russians have really changed. They're still enemies of this country, and the same Communist bureaucrats are in charge. They recognize the Soviet system has been a failure, but they're nevertheless trying to improvise, and they still want as much of an empire as they can create.

What was the most recent example of a miracle — of divine intervention — in public affairs?

The most recent example of a miracle was a scandal that Americans didn't even hear of because of the Jew-hating, Arab-loving media in this country. But there is a tremendous scandal surrounding Ehud Barak now. He raised huge sums of money illegally from foreign sources. And he's now facing criminal investigation, and he's been exposed, and he's in a lot of trouble in Israel. And this is something that in corrupt Israel never happens, because the establishment never goes against one of their own and always covers up when one of their own commits illegal acts. Yet he's been exposed and he's literally teetering at this point. I think God is rewarding the Kahanists, those brave young Jews who made those sacrifices in Israel, by creating problems for Barak. I think now there is serious question about whether he's going to be able to implement his plans for Israeli suicide.

Come on, is that really a miracle? That's just corruption that got uncovered.

I think when something happens, which through ordinary natural means would never [have] happened, against all odds, I believe that's the hand of God. When God protects Israel against the insanity of its own leaders, that, to me, is a miracle. The greatest miracle is every day that Israel survives. You've got 4 million Jews, a nation of Woody Allens, surrounded by 200 million Arabs, all of whom are fanatics, all of whom are constantly training and learning and studying how they're gonna kill the enemy and learn warfare and be good soldiers of Allah. You know, 200 million people like that surrounding 4 million Jews who don't even want to defend themselves, who don't even want to fight back. Yet Israel wins wars in a situation like that? In six days? That is an incredible miracle. I think the story of America is a miracle. Thirteen puny, pathetic little colonies developed into the world's sole remaining superpower, the mightiest nation in the annals of human history. I think there's a message in both those miracles. God wants little Israel to prosper; he wants the Jews to return there. And God wants America to be a nation where the righteous gentiles rule and are considered an example for the rest of the world.

I'd imagine you're pretty concerned about free speech issues in Israel.

There is no free speech in Israel. In Israel you go to jail for disagreeing with the government. I can't even set foot in Israel. Why? Because of my views. I mean, it's just an incredible situation. They have Arabs sitting in Parliament, who openly call for the destruction of Israel from the Israeli Parliament. That's OK. But we're all racists because we say they should be expelled.

You were arrested last time you tried to enter Israel. What reason did the authorities give you for that?

They don't have to charge you with anything. Israeli law has what's called administrative detention. They only held me for a day and then threw me out. We have people who have been held for years under administrative detention. No charge, you do not go before a judge, you do not have a right to an attorney, you have no right to see your family unless they give you permission, no right to contact with the outside world. You are put in prison with no charge. Avigdor Lieberman, a Soviet Jew who is now a member of the Parliament, has said that this is worse than the old Soviet system. How can anybody say that this is a democracy? And yet we're the only ones saying this is not a real democracy. Everybody else says, "The only democracy in the Middle East." This is another example of how things that are universally accepted in our society are just complete lies.

Thousands of Palestinians have been held in administrative detention. Did your experience make you any more sympathetic to their plight?

First of all, there's no such thing as Palestinians. It's a myth. They themselves said it until the 1960s. And they themselves said in 1964 when they formed the PLO that they were forming it as a propaganda device to destroy Israel. There was never a separate Arab people living in Israel. The Arabs came from Egypt and Syria and immigrated there after the Jews started to rebuild the land in the 19th century. As far as Arabs held in administrative detention, I would just ask people to think of the Jews they know in this country, and the way Jews in this country cannot wait to put their big noses up every black behind they can find and apologize to blacks for supposedly inventing slavery and all these other terrible things, and fund courses in the universities that say whites are devils and the blacks were all great scientists and great creators. This is Jewish behavior. If an Arab is put in prison under administrative detention, you can be sure there's a damn good reason. You can be sure that we're talking about something very serious. Look at what they're doing now. They've freed thousands of Arabs who are admitted murderers. And the Jews who are put in prison for defending themselves against Arab terrorists are still in prison. So I really, uh ... no, I have no sympathy for the Arab terrorists. No sympathy for the Arabs whatsoever.

So if this is a country where your enemies are treated better than you are, where you're not even allowed the right of free expression, where none of your efforts are appreciated, why bother? America is a welcoming country. Why not just stay here? Why put all this effort into this tiny, dry strip of land?

Because God commands the Jewish people to return to Israel. That's the role that God intends for the Jews. I don't believe God put us on this earth to be comfortable and enjoy ourselves and live in the most comfortable places. I believe every Jew and every gentile has a special mission in life that God intends just for them. And every Jew and gentile should ask themselves, "What is that mission? Why am I in this world?" Jews are obligated to go to Israel. That's what the Bible says. The Bible says the exiles must be regathered in Israel and that they must take the land of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. They must liberate all that land and rebuild the holy temple in order to be a light unto the nations. I believe America is a very beautiful, wonderful country that God has blessed abundantly. But I believe America is for the gentiles.

You've begun printing letters, both pro and con, from readers on your site. I saw one today that mentioned "the peace-loving arab and muslim peoples" and "the wonderful idealists William Kunstler and Ron Kuby." I feel obliged to ask if you wrote that letter yourself, because it seems to have your sarcastic tone.

No, I don't write any of the letters. That was a genuine letter written by somebody who hates our guts. And I don't write any of the letters. That's one of the few unfavorable letters that was signed. Most of the people who write to us who hate us are anonymous. That's why the favorable letters greatly outnumber the unfavorable letters. We get so many great letters it's hard for me to select. Our show — the television show and the Web site — draws an inordinate amount of mail. You said your site gets 30,000 to 40,000 readers a day. Ours gets 40,000 a week. Much less. By today's standards that's no big deal, let's face it. Yet with 40,000 hits a week, you wouldn't believe the mail we get. I think we get more mail than sites that get 400,000 or 500,000 hits a week. Because there's an intensity to what we write. We're a love/hate site. And that provokes people to write. We get a tremendous amount of mail, and it's very difficult to select the best ones.

I get the impression you spend all day on these issues. What do you do to relax?

This is my life. To me, relaxation is when you achieve something for the cause. Achieving things for a good cause is for me the real exhilaration of life. When somebody does something sinful, whether sex or drugs or gambling or whatever, the enjoyment from that doesn't last. You can't say, "I smoked a joint yesterday, and it was great. Now I'm contented." You have to smoke another joint. The same thing with sex or gambling or anything. On the other hand, when you achieve something good, that stays with you. And God gave us the ability to understand that that is true happiness: accomplishing great things for a noble cause.

Are you married?


Ever served in the military?

No. I don't think they'd accept me because of my criminal record.

Most of what you achieve is through the media — appearing on television, speaking, and so on. Are there other media people you admire out there? Do you like Howard Stern or any other TV or radio people?

Honestly — and I know this really sounds very negative — I don't see people telling the truth. I don't see people willing to say unpopular things and take all the knocks for that. That to me is the mark of a great person. Somebody who is willing to stand up and let the chips fall where they may but tell the truth, tell what they believe to be the truth. I really don't see that. I see everybody afraid and cowering to one degree or another. And our goal in America is to change that mentality.


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Bush's Bad Boy Gets an SC

McCaining — a handy catchall

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No Pain, No McCain — perfect

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want to hear


They McCain't Stand Him

good for writing up how Trent

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fellow senator


McCainnery Row — Now that's

a pip. Use this when describing

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No McCain, No Gain — Some

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It's good for writing up McCain

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McCain't Stop the Music

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McCain's Navy — This is an

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Kennedy Center performance

honoring Ernest Borgnine. It

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McCaindid Camera — This

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McCain He Really Do It?

That's for when Bush is

teetering on Super Tuesday and

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McCaindide — Well, it could

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