Have you come to terms with your irrelevance yet? Take this quiz and find out!

1. Which of the following words most accurately describe you?

a. small and pathetic

b. completely insignificant

c. utterly invisible

d. totally without bearing and having no relationship to anyone of importance

2. At best, I can
hope for ...

a. some semblance of financial security, which can hardly be seen as an accomplishment in the big scheme of things

b. a family that's a little less dysfunctional than mine, which isn't saying much

c. some vaguely amusing socializing on weekends, which is a pretty sad reason to suffer through the week, to tell the truth

d. an early retirement, but what I'll spend it doing is anyone's guess and cause for more than a little dread

3. There are things I could do with my life so that it would seem less irrelevant, but ...

a. I'm too lazy.

b. I doubt my talents too much to finish anything I start.

c. If I haven't done them yet, let's be honest, I probably won't do them.

d. Really, those things would just give me a temporary illusion of relevance, followed by a lifetime of slowly realizing that not only was I nowhere near relevant but I'll never even be remotely as relevant again, no matter how hard I try.


1. b
2. c
3. d

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