Dear Polly,

What's in your refrigerator right now?

Just wondering.


Dear Sam,

I've got a big block of cheese in there. Asiago, I think. And a few opened cans of Coke. And some nonfat milk and some really old espresso and a half-finished blended vanilla ice from the Coffee Bean. Gotta ask for half the vanilla, it's way too sweet otherwise. FYI.


Dear Polly,

How do you feel? I mean, how do you really feel?

I have to know.

Ann H.

Dear Ann,

I'm feeling pretty tense, actually. Kind of stressed out. I have this headache that I keep getting on one side of my head. It hurts. I think maybe it acts up when I drink too much coffee, but I can't write if I don't drink coffee. If I drink coffee and I still can't write, I drink more coffee so that I can. Right now, I've had a whole hell of a lot of coffee, and I've got a big headache and I still can't write. Makes me think I should stop drinking coffee. But then I'd have to find another way to make a living. Which doesn't seem so bad on days like today. I mean, do I matter to anyone out there? Does my work really make a difference to anyone?



The other day, I almost killed myself. But then, I remembered it was Wednesday and I hadn't read Filler yet. You saved my life!

I owe you so much!


Jon Doe

Dear Jon,

You really DO owe me a lot, don't you?

Send cash.


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