"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 31 August 1995. Updated every WEEKDAY.

Marc's million-dollar trick

If it's all too seldom that

people know when their fifteen

minutes are up, it's rarer

still when these same expired

starlings have a clue as

to what meager gimmickry

(quote unquote talent)

thrust them into the limelight.

And if ever there were a

one-trick pony on the Web, it's

Marc Andreessen, who owes his

fifty million dollar piece

of Netscape Communications,

Inc. to that wunderkind of

inventions, the IMG tag.


Lest you think Marc would

dismiss this rant as so much

more hopelessly pedestrian "text"

in a Web that looks more and

more like a cross between a

Club Med brochure, an early

80's copy of Dragon

magazine, and a copy of

Hustler you've become

acquainted with one too many

times, never fear: Marc does

stay awake at night, and we

have the proof.


In what was obviously a

brilliant flash of self-aware

paranoid neurosis, Marc put

together his entire Web page

with one big HTML standards

committee fuck you:

<img src="marca.gif">.

(You'll need to go through the

motions of choosing View Source

yourself for the full effect.)

And take one look at that

image, and it all comes together:

the man secretly wishes he had

gone to work for that small

pisswater company he announced

he was leaving for after Mosaic

and that none of us can

remember the name of, anyway.


Marc Andreessen's home page

courtesy of Webster